Best Property Management Software & Technology for HMO Landlords

Managing all the complexities of being an HMO landlord can be a daunting task. From ensuring you are complying with ever-changing regulations to handling tenant issues and maintenance issues, keeping on top of these responsibilities can be a challenge.

Luckily, available on the market today are a number of different HMO management softwares and solutions that can enhance the efficiency of your HMO management, making it easier to keep money flowing in and tenants happy.

In this article, we discuss some of the top HMO management software on the market today, as well as other useful tools and technology that you can use to enhance your HMO in today’s competitive rental landscape.

How can software help HMO Landlords with property management?

  • Streamlining management tasks: If you manage your properties, something that can be a huge drain on time and resources is the management of your them. Property management software can take care of administrative tasks, and significantly reduce the time and effort required.
  • Automated rent collection and tracking: Collecting and keeping tabs on rent can be time consuming and laborious. There are plenty of solutions on the market for automating rent collection which makes keeping on top of your income and payments a lot easier.
  • Digital maintenance and repair request management: Did you know that software can help you manage maintenance and repairs in your HMO properties? Using tools built to handle this sort of thing can make managing these tasks easier. 
  • Real-time financial reporting and analytics: For savvy HMO investors, keeping an eye on your financial reporting is essential to success. Software can help you get the most out of your financial planning and see where opportunities are. 
  • Automated HMO feasibility reporting: Historically, HMO feasibility checks were a laborious and often costly process, particularly for prospective landlords who wish to assess multiple properties. Luckily, there are new solutions available for those wanting to streamline HMO feasibility checking. 
  • Better all-round service for tenants: Utilising modern technology can enhance the living experience of your tenants in your HMO properties, which can enhance the market value of your property as well as make keeping tenants happy a lot easier. Examples include smart thermostats, USB sockets, smart locks and smart home lighting.

Best software & technology for HMO landlords 


COHO is a property management software platform which brings together all aspects of managing HMOs, shared living, coliving rental properties, and tenants into one place. It includes a number of useful features that HMO landlords can benefit from, including rent management & scheduling, compliance features, tenant communication and eSign contracts for tenancy agreements.

For HMO landlords looking for software to automate the way they manage and grow their HMO portfolio, COHO is a great choice. 

The integration of smart home technology is a game-changer in enhancing tenant experiences. Automated lighting, heating systems, and intelligent security measures not only offer convenience but also improve energy efficiency and safety. This technological advancement is particularly appealing to the new generation of tenants who value both sustainability and high-tech living solutions. At HMO Designers, we regularly utilise the technology of motion lights and timers within the shared areas, this stops massive wastage of energy within these spaces. 

2. Fixflo

Fixflo is a tool designed for landlords and property managers, helping you manage maintenance and repairs for your HMO within one system. Everything from the initial tenant repair report to choosing a contractor to carry out the repairs and creating invoices, all the information is kept in one place and accessible from anywhere. Works order management is also part of the system and your audit trail.

In addition, when you need to manage planned maintenance, you can organise recurring tasks like gas safety certificates to achieve compliance. There are also popups that can help tenants resolve minor issues and a contractor marketplace for sourcing plumbers, electricians and other contractors.

3. HMO Checker

HMO Checker is an AI powered HMO feasibility tool which provides instant and comprehensive property analysis. Covering 300+ local councils throughout the UK, the tool allows you to analyse potential HMO properties against a number of criteria to help you make better HMO investment decisions.

HMO Checker offers the following features:

  • Financial Breakdowns: Generate detailed forecasts such as HMO valuations, current room rates, and evaluations of property conditions
  • Development Potential: Helps you to assess the potential for adding rooms or extending the premises of your prospective HMO property in line with room requirements
  • Nearby Amenities: Explore essential amenities such as educational institutions, and transportation options located in the vicinity of your HMO property
  • Density Check: See how many HMOs are in the same area, giving you an idea of how likely your planning application is to be accepted
  • Article 4 Check: See if your potential HMO is in an Article 4 area
  • Planning Analysis: Gain insights into local planning authority data, with updates on HMO applications—both approvals and rejections—near your property


TIME:O:STAT offers landlord thermostats for HMOs and Serviced Accommodation. It can give you greater control over your heating system meaning that heating isn’t left on when your HMO property is empty or when the windows are open. This can give you greater control over your bills.

Their CLASSIC thermostat is designed specifically with HMOs in mind, allowing both you and your tenants control over the heating in the property. As tenants in general may not be as motivated to stay on top of the heating, particularly if you are offering a bills-included rental model, this system can regulate your heating system so that the system turns off when windows are opened or the property is empty.

5. Inventory Base

InventoryBase is a useful inspection and property inventory software designed and built for the residential & lettings market. The tool allows you to produce professional inventories, check ins, check outs, interim inspections, building inspections, risk assessments and more, which can help you keep a record of your property condition and diagnose any maintenance issues.

Their Live Inspection app helps property managers capture high quality photographs during a call with tenants and discuss issues with the property as if they were there in person, enabling fully remote inspections. For landlords with a large portfolio of HMO properties, this can save a lot of time and money on travel.

6. Yale Smart Locks

Yale Smart Locks enable HMO landlords to control the front door of their HMO properties with a key tag, keypad and even yours and tenants mobile phones. Smart door locks are designed to lock and unlock a door when receiving instructions from an authorised device using wireless technology or using a keypad.

This allows added convenience of not having a physical key, which can be harder to keep tabs on and costly to replace or create new ones. The smart lock on your doors can be unlocked via a smartphone, key tag or keypad and you can monitor who enters or leaves your home, as well as send virtual keys to guests and visitors.

7. Landlord Vision

Landlord Visions is similar to COHO in the sense that it offers HMO property management features. It allows you to organise your HMOs within its system and offers useful features such as portfolio management, accounting, tenant and rent management, e-signatures and a legal document centre.

8. Patma

Patma is again an HMO management software designed to help HMO landlords and property owners manage their portfolio more easily. Similarly to some of the other tools, they offer features such as rent reminders, compliance records, e-signatures for tenant agreements and maintenance reporting.


Ultimately, managing all the responsibilities of being an HMO landlord with various tools and systems can streamline the way you handle your portfolio. From ensuring you are complying with regulations to handling tenant communication and repair issues, keeping on top of these responsibilities has never been easier.

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