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About us

We are a team of dedicated and dynamic architectural and interior designers. Our expert team will be able to identify and address challenges faster than a general architect. We have specialist experience and can address guidance and regulations nationwide. We maximise your property potential, using our experience as investors to guide you through to maximum profitability.

We can source, design, and manage the entire process end-to-end, helping you achieve the best possible return on investment.

A one-stop-shop for HMO services:

  • Property sourcing
  • Layout & sketch scheme design
  • Planning approval
  • Building regulation approval
  • Interior design
  • Project management

Introducing HMO Checker!

HMO Checker is a revolutionary tool that swiftly generates comprehensive reports for assessing the feasibility of converting properties into Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs). In just 30 seconds, it provides crucial data on local regulations, market demand, rental income potential, and financial projections, eliminating the need for 3-4 hours of intensive research typically done by property experts.

Moreover, HMO Checker offers significant cost savings by eliminating the need for expensive expert consultations, which can range from £300-600 per report. This makes it an invaluable asset for both seasoned property investors and newcomers alike, enabling them to make informed decisions, outsmart competitors, and thrive in the competitive HMO market.

By empowering users with accurate insights in a fraction of the time and cost, HMO Checker revolutionizes the way HMO investments are evaluated, providing a competitive edge and driving success in the dynamic property market.

What do our clients say about us?

What We Do

We are experts in the HMO design, planning, and build process, here’s what we offer

01 Sourcing

We can source HMO properties nationwide. We have built technologies that give us unique insights, so you get the best possible investment property.

02 Design

After our partners measure your property, we create proposed sketch schemes. Through an iterative process, we optimise the property for the most efficient use of the space.

03 Planning Approval

Take the stress out of the planning process process by hiring a dedicated team of specialists who have a 98% approval rate for HMO planning applications.

04 Chosen Building Regulations

Again we design, manage, & coordinate the entire building regulation and technical packages.

05 The Build

We typically work closely with your chosen contractor to manage and oversee the build, taking the stress away from you.

06 Hand over & Refinance

Our clients typically refinance the HMO property to pull out their original investment. This is the final step once the project is complete, we then hand over another succesful proejct.

HMO Property – Southend-on-Sea

Project Prince – High-end 7-Bedroom HMO

Our Unique Process

Here’s a breakdown of our process, we always follow the same format, making small adjustments each time to suit the needs of our specific clients and projects.

Existing Survey & Research


Our team of surveyors will accurately measure your property and prepare the existing drawings. Whilst they are on site we will carrying out extensive, location specific research to ensure the proposals are fully compliant to the local design guidance.



Once the survey is received we will begin the design process and put together some initial sketch schemes for the layout and any external alterations. Once you are happy with the hand drawings we will move into 3D CAD and you can watch the proposals come to life.



Once the proposals are concluded and we are happy with the design we can prepare any necessary planning documents and submit them. A typical breakdown of planning applications can be seen below: 1. Prior Approval extensions 2. C3-C4 change of use/lawful development. 3. Suis Generis change of use

Building Regulations


At this stage we will prepare the proposals for building regulation sign off. This will be a comprehensive technical package with all of the relevant details, annotations, and specification. Our experience and expertise ensures the building is compliant to the building regulations throughput the design process ensuring ti is approved at this later stage.



Once the building regulation drawings are concluded you can use these to tender from for your chosen contractors. We also have a extensive network of reliable contractors that we will recommend. We can be as involved at this stage as you would like, either fully managing the build or stepping back, you decide.

HMO Project – Portsmouth

Shadwell Road – 7 Bedroom HMO

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